Projekt Stesin

Stesin [ˈstɛˑsn̩] – TokPisin translation of the english station.

Participate with us in what God is doing among the Pei as we build a Ministry Center and Home in the Jungle! We need people willing to give stuff, time or money in order to start build a station and facilitate a church plant in the Pei tribe.

Give Time

Our team needs talented carpenters and builders willing to give of their time and resources to make a trip to our bush location to help with Projekt Stesin. If that is you:
Please fill out this form

Give Money

To securely donate directly to Project Stesin:
Donate to Projekt Stesin

Give Stuff

We have a few options to choose from if you’d like to give “Stuff”.
Buy a Wall
Buy Roofing

A single section of wall costs about 100$ to purchase and have shipped to the tribe. Corrugated steel roofing sections cost about 200$.

Following the links above will take you to NTM’s give online page, where you can give with a credit card in the amount of your choice.