Joneses back into Pei

So before i bring my wife and child into the jungle, I really need to do some work on my house that has been vacant for a year in the swamp. It needs a lot of TLC, and who better than one Brian Montei to accompany me on the LONG journey into Pei? We go in by really long sketchy road, followed by 8 hours on the Sepik River, baking in the sun.

Brian knows his way around a battery bank and solar panels, so he’ll help get those up and running, as well as help straighten up some other little odds and ends we need out there…

But the land of the unexpected rears its unexpected head… and what started initially as only a 3 day trip, seems now to be taking a week! We made the 3 hour trek to the main river to pick up Evie and Jensen and Candace, only to get rained on, and miss the girls due to mechanical issues on the float plane they were to fly in on.

Brian needs to get back to town — to his family and work. In the land of the unexpected, however, more delays and bad weather keep pushing back Brian’s return, and our co workers’ re-entry into Pei!