Culture Event: Morota

So, pretty appropriate that we’re posting some of our original Culture Events from what feels like a lifetime ago… Soon we’ll be USING the research we’ve done to contextualize the gospel for the Pei. THIS is what it is all about.

Excuse this kinda context-less video, it was one of the first ones we ever took, and it helped us to learn about the culture and associated vocabulary around building a house.

The idea of building a house will actually be pretty important in the months to come, as we share the gospel chronologically… first ‘planting posts’, and moving all the way up through the structure of the house to the last part, this, ‘the head’. We must put effort into each part of the story we came to tell, and we must ‘lay a good foundation’ in order that the ‘head’ remains in place to do its job of protecting us from the sun and the rain…

Thanks for tuning in!