Project Stesin: 30% Complete

So The Pei Team is a few months into Project:Stesin, and we are about 30% though all of the building that needs to happen before we can dive headlong into Church Planting in Pei!

We thought we would take a few seconds to post some videos of the progress so far, and keep you informed on how to pray and how you can be involved in our church plant among the Pei tribe!

Round 1 of House Building

Project:Stesin will be completed when 3 structures are standing with domicile, working plumbing & solar-electric systems, and workspace for the church planting team to do their work: Learning the tribal language, Developing and teaching a Tribal Literacy Program, and Translating Scripture and Lessons in the Tribal Language.

Round 1 consisted mainly of turning an acre of jungle into a place to build three bush houses, and finding some bush materials to build those houses with. Our little team worked closely with the natives to find posts, dig holes, and clear bush for about a week before the sawmill could come, and more mission carpenters could be brought in to start putting a house together.

Muldoon, TX helps with Project:Stesin

The Rees Family has a pretty amazing support base throughout Texas, and a group of 6 men from Muldoon committed a week of their time to physically be a part of planting a church among the Pei tribe.

Their efforts blessed our team by getting the first house into live-able shape complete with septic, plumbing and Rain collection system, solar-electricity for lighting, HF Radio, refrigerator and water-pump… These guys really helped get Project:Stesin up onto its legs.

Millers Help out too

Ben & Alisha Miller are friends of Chris & Evie’s from their sending church in Indiana. This amazing couple is headed to PNG to do church planting too, and hope to come to the Walio River region when all their training is done! There are several tribes right around Pei begging for missionaries, and for God’s talk to be translated into their language… So Ben & Alisha want to answer that call!

They go to Missouri for further training soon, and got a huge dose of experience from their trip out here to help us build our house! This video outlines the way bush houses get built, and the timeline of their trip.