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We are 5 normal people, in a very abnormal 'situation'. Justin & Lauren (& co.), Chris & Evie, and Candace -- we live in the middle of the jungle in Papua New Guinea... among the Pei tribe . Here we attempt to share the struggles and victories of trying to learn an undocumented language, and bring the Gospel to a completely unreached people group.


The Pei have no concept of the God of the Bible. Bible teaching begins at the same place God began with His people: at the beginning, and in their heart language. Chronological Bible teaching presents a foundation for such isolated peoples to understand Jesus’ death and resurrection.


The Pei culture and language has been isolated from the Gospel for millennia. Our team must learn the language and understand the culture of the Pei in order to clearly present the Gospel and effectively plant a church.


As we work towards a Mature Indigenous Church, our team will be translating scripture into the Pei Tribe's unique heart language. In addition to Scripture, however, we'll be developing literacy materials to sustain indigenous literacy into future generations of the Pei.

Church Planting

We will establish a mature church. Following the pattern seen in Acts as God’s people carried out the Great Commission, we will seek to establish mature churches that can take their rightful place as agents of change in their own communities and partners in the Great Commission.

Funding Levels

Literacy Project Funding
Justin & Lauren Rees Support Level
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Faith Based

We serve in one of the most isolated villages on the planet, and require the assistance of others to live serve here. Translating Scripture and literacy materials and Bible lessons, and printing these things in a previously unwritten tribal language to provide what an indigenous church needs to is a huge and expensive undertaking. Your financial gifts provide for us to Church Plant in Pei. We are VOLUNTEERS, and DO NOT get paid to do ministry among the Pei. If you would like to support our ministry, please check out our GIVE page!

Tribal. Church Planting.

Pei Podcast

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We try to post video daily when our connectivity and Solar Powered internet connection cooperate! From the exciting and crazy jungle rashes, to the mundane processing and entering Culture and language data on our local wiki... Take a look at how we are becoming Pei!

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Meet the Pei Team

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